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The Spooky Tree is a minion summoned from the Spooky armor. The minion runs along the ground, following the player. If it has a line of sight with an enemy, it will run towards them and.

The Spooky Tree is a large plant that can be grown by planting Acorns on Spooky Astroturf, creating a Spooky Sapling. Destroying it or chopping it will yield many units of Spooky Wood,. Spooky furniture Edit Spooky furniture are furniture items crafted from Spooky Wood, which can be obtained by defeating Splinterling and Mourning Wood during the Pumpkin Moon event. There are 18 (19 ) different Spooky furniture items. Categories: Craftable items Sawmill By Hand Work Bench Iron or Lead Anvil Furniture sets Languages 中文. The Spooky Wood Spikes is a Hardmode trap sentry weapon. All spikes ignore enemy defense (except those with at least 1000 defense) and deal half damage to worms. Like most spikes, it.

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. Jan 5, 2021. #1. The FIRST EVER mod that attempts to be scary is here! Spooky Terraria is a Mod where the Slenderman and the Stalker (A new NPC) are here to chase and hunt you down. The objective of the mod is to collect ALL 8 PAGES scattered around the map, for one, you can use the OFFICIAL 8 PAGES MAP (shown in the example below) OR you can.

The Spooky Table is a table crafted from Spooky Wood. It functions like any other table. v1.2.1 Added to the game.

Spooky armor is a Hardmode post- Plantera armor set made from Spooky Wood. Wearing the full set increases the wearer's minion capacity by 4 (to a total of 5), along with granting +58%.

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